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The methods may change based on your goals, but my principles will always stay the same. Create a goal that moves you, then work hard to achieve it. Check out what services I offer, and how I customize tailor my strength and conditioning program to get you moving to better fitness results.

My philosophy on training

As a trainer and coach, I have 2 goals that I strive to achieve while training any client, regardless of their program.

1. I want my clients to succeed with their fitness goals or their training. It sounds redundant as every coach wants their clients or the people on their team to succeed, but I really enjoy the moments like when a client performs their first full set of unassisted pull ups, or notices they move better during their other training sessions. It's why I became a trainer and a coach.

2. I want to educate clients on everything health and fitness. Fitness is more than lifting heavy things, putting them down, and looking really good while doing it. Plus, I don't want to be that trainer who is a glorified weight caddy and count reps the entire session. I've been involved with martial arts and fitness my entire life, and I am a resource for my clients to gain better insight on why we do certain things in our sessions, and give them greater knowledge towards better health and fitness.

Training and coaching 

Here is a list of the current training and coaching services that I offer, and a short description of what's involved.

Personal Training: Let's get working on building the foundation to a better you! If you're looking to burn fat, gain strength, build muscle, prep for an athletic competition, or just be healthy, this is where we'll get the most work done. My approach to personal training is simple. Put in consistent work, and make one small change towards your health and fitness each week, and you'll see results. It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up over time.

Semi-Private Training: We're stronger together than we are when divided. Training with other people is proven to increase results because the camaraderie built with likeminded people will push you towards choosing habits that will help you achieve your goals. I work with up to three people in my Semi-Private training program, each with individualized programming to make the most of your strengths, and build on your weaknesses.

Kickboxing: Learn the Art of Kickboxing from someone with a lifetime of experience. My style of kickboxing blends American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate into a style that is straight forward, while focusing on versatility and mobility. I'm currently accepting one on one, semi-private, and athlete clients for Kickboxing.

Are you ready to get fit?

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