Check out the what my clients have to say about my training program.

Jacob, 26

"I was worried about how much I would need to invest into working out and how much work it would take to reach my goals and watch what I eat. I realized that while working with Evan, exercise transformed from something scary, into another part of my day. The same is said for my eating since I've never felt better since my nutrition has improved.


My first goal was to improve my looks, get rid of my gut and flab, and trim myself up. My second goal was to improve my energy levels and mood so I could do the things I love.


I've achieved those goals and more while working with Evan. My fitness levels have improved. My mood is better. I have a better awareness of my body and the state my body is in based on my activities and food I eat. It's easier for me to build better habits around working out and eating. Most importantly, I've improved my focus and willpower thanks to the workouts.


I feel like working with Evan has allowed me to work my body to the limit, while being able to recover with enough time for the next workout. He's helped me both improve my physical fitness and work on my weaknesses while avoiding injury, which would only prolong the date I reach my goals."

Frank, 46

"I've been working out regularly at Iron Gym for the past few years and I'd always seen Evan around. Eventually we started discussing our shared passion for Martial Arts and fitness and I quickly came to understand Evan's areas of expertise! As a paraplegic athlete with a Spinal Cord Injury Evan's guidance has given me a set of skills that ensure I have the strength and endurance to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu safely. Using his in-depth knowledge of combat sports and strength conditioning, Evan's created an adaptive program that allows me to focus on the areas of fitness that suit my particular needs."

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